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Principal of Blow-Up Pty Ltd, Michael Sherman, has created tailor made graphics for a vast range of clients for over 40 years…

"I have worked in the commercial art industry for over 40 years, creating brochures, advertising, packaging, point of sale, magazines, etc... and since the digital revolution a broad range of online work including website design and construction, advertising and social media. I have also art-directed music video, designed TV titles and 3-D exhibition work. I am a recipient of an Australian Writers and Art Directors Award and have posters in the Australian National Art Gallery permanent collection. My work philosophy is simple: always do my best and always meet the deadline. It seems to have worked as many of my clients have been with me for years."

Blow-Up Pty Ltd offers a complete graphic design service from concept throught to final output or any single step along the way – no matter how large or small your job is, we guarantee to give 100% attention to all details… please contact us for a quote and/or to discuss your next project.